Christian Beach rocks out on new single, “Richard Bandler”

Christian Beach, a longtime fixture of the New Jersey music scene, today released “Richard Bandler,” the first single from a 4-song EP he plans to release in the near-future. “Richard Bandler” is available for streaming or download at

“This song has been rattling in my head for quite awhile, but I wasn’t sure how to execute it,” said Beach. “But then I recently watched a documentary on 1970s minimalist electro-punk band Suicide, and there was something in the cold, repetitive nature in their sound that possessed a certain mystery to me.

“Their music greatly influenced Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album, so I felt that I had a sonic palette to work with,” added Beach.

Three influences emerged as Beach began putting the song together: 1) the early work of Suicide, 2) Springsteen’s Nebraska and 3) Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding.

All of the sonic textures were created from scratch on Beach’s Behringer Model D monophonic synth. An old tape echo device was used for “some honest 1950s-style slap-back echo.”

“As for the lyrical content,” said Beach, “I will leave that open for interpretation and investigation.”

The track concludes with Beach reading a quote from psychologist Milton H. Erickson. 

Watch the lyric video for “Richard Bandler”

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“Richard Bandler”

Written, performed, produced and engineered by Christian Beach. Spoken-word segment is a quote from psychologist Milton H. Erickson. Mastered by Exonic UK AI mastering application.

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